Friday, October 3, 2014

Handmade knitted bag in two colours

I’ve noticed something recently. For the past couple of years, there is a certain time after mid-August when I start looking at yarns and yarn shops more and more. There is something in the end of the summer – you start thinking (even if you try not to) about the coming winter and the late evenings before the fire. It’s the case this summer too. Without even noticing I’ve found myself with lots of new yarns. Slowly, they’ve started turning into different things. Here are some of them.

I’ve wanted to knit myself a bag for a long time. Finally that time came! I used 100% wool yarn for felting and 7 mm (10.5 US size) cable needle. The project is pretty fast if you want something easy to knit mindlessly before the TV.

This is the bag before washing and felting. I used German yarn for it.

This is after felting. It shrank with 20-25% in all directions. I washed it in 60 degrees.

I loved the bag! However it looked a bit small so I enlarged the next bag. I used Bulgarian yarn for it. 

I needed to wash it twice, something didn't work well the first time. At the end it’s a bit larger than the first one. Now I think it needed one and a half cycle and not two.

The second bag left faster than the first one. Now it’s a happy owner of a notebookJ

And this is the cotton cargidan I made sometime ago. 

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