Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Today I want to share with you one of my other passions – sewing dolls. I have no idea how some people can focus on one thing only – either dolls, patchwork, bags, knitting. It’s not my thing at all, I love changes. If you tell me that I need to do dolls only I’ll run screaming. But there’s time in the year when the urge for sewing dolls comes with full speed. The time is now!

I started with doll sewing a few years ago. At the beginning, I was not sure which was my style and I tried many different things. That’s how the first Waldorf style dolls, Tilda dolls and primitives were born. I put a lot of energy and passion in each and every one of them. With the time some of the styles were left, others flourished. This was a long trial and error process which was needed and very useful. But don’t think the process is over, actually I don’t believe it’d be over ever. Constant movement is a significant part of me and I continue searching. But I already know what my favourite features in a doll are.

First, she has to be made from natural materials, in such case she is nice to touch and doesn’t create static electricity. The only artificial thing in the most of the dolls is the polyester bathing inside and a few tiny details. The Waldorf style dolls are stuffed with pure sheep wool but I’ll talk about them later.

Second, I came to the conclusion that I prefer the primitive dolls to others. The primitives can be so different and so sweet at the same time. I love their simple faces. Whenever I try to make a more complicated doll face it always turns into a primitive’s one. All the rest looks too much. This doesn’t mean I dislike other’s fancy dolls. It just means I relate to the primitives more.  

And third, the safety of the child always comes first. Thus, the parts of the dolls are sewed tightly together. And the dolls for the very little ones are without tiny pieces such as buttons. Whenever possible, I advise the parents what doll is most suitable for their kid.

So today, I want to share with you some of my favourite models – Tilda elfs. They began as simple elfs in pajamas as the originals and slowly turned into something else. Every year around this time I start sewing elfs. Obvisously, the season is one to blame for that. And every year the elfs are different.  

2012 г. 

 2013 г. 

The logo of this collection was “United we stay.”

The beginning of 2014 г. 

The next two are hand dyed with coffee

The teacher.

The lawyer.

 The home master.

The home mistress.

Christmas elfs.

 This one is also hand dyed with coffee.

The last dolls were made on order for a very nice Texan lady. She wanted some dolls who’d represent her family.

Now the winter of 2014 is coming…

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