Thursday, August 31, 2017

За сватбите и цветята - Как да си направите сватбен букет сами

Букетът на булката несъмнено е един от най-важните елементи в една сватба. Булките (и техните семейства и приятели) са склонни да достигнат сериозни върхове в парите, които харчат за цветя.

Ако това не е във ваш стил, ето как да си направите букета сами (или за приятелка). Може да използвате всякакви сезонни цветя без да се притеснявате, че ще изглежда евтино. Тайната се крие красивите цветове и добрата аранжировка.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Infinity cowl in three colors

 I had an idea about making myself an infinity cowl for some time now. I knew I’d wanted it to be in three complemented colors but I was unsure of what stitch to use. Lately, I was reviewing nonstop stitches in my mind but nothing looked suitable enough. Then, last Saturday I went to a yarn shop to get some new yarn. I was chatting with the shop owner when a lady came in. She was looking for yarn to make a hat for her grandson. She took out her mobile and showed us a picture of the hat that the kid wanted. She asked for help because she couldn’t recognize the stitch used in that hat. The picture was not very good and it took us some time but finally we came to the conclusion that it is the moss stitch. We chatted a bit more and then I left. Later that day, I was driving around the city and I was debating with myself, looking for a solution about my cowl dilemma. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the solution came! The moss stitch would make a perfect cowl with the chunky yarn I had in mind. So there it is – my chunky blue cowl is ready! It is a really easy project which you can finish in a weekend. Once you set the pattern it doesn’t require a lot of counting.

How to knit a cozy autumn pillow in no time

A quick look at the recent trends shows that knitted and crochet items are very hot this season. Both for clothing and home décor, the knit is everywhere.  There is no surprise then that I also found myself diving in all kinds of knit (or crochet) goods. It seems I can’t get enough of them. Now it’s time to move on something bigger – let’s make a buttoned pillow case.

Nesting baskets

Make a set of crochet baskets for your autumn interior

Today’s post will teach you how to crochet a nesting baskets set for all these items around us – keys, jewelry, candies or nuts, dry fruits, etc.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Ангел пазител / Guardian angel

Обичам да шия ангели пазители. Имам чувството, че всеки един от тях сам избира кога и как да се появи при мен. Този е един от последните. На мен ми е един от любимите досега.

I love sewing guardian angels. I can say wholeheartedly that they choose themselves when and how to appear on my working table. This guy is one of my favourite ones.


До следващия път!
Until next time!