About Lissana

I am a bit talkative so it is really hard for me to say just in a few words what I like to do in the crafty area but I'll try. I love to sew, knit and travel. My preferences on what to sew have changed by the season during the years - I started sewing clothes and bags, then I embroidered, then I thought sewing home decor items was pretty interesting. Recently, I've found passion for soft dolls and baby stuff. And my newest obsession is quilting. Now I try to alternate all of these and often jump from one project to another. You can imagine the lots of unfinished projects I have in my house. Once I see how the thing will look like finished I tend to drop it and find something more interesting. That is because you see 'that will be done in a few minutes once I finish the new one'. Although I love working with people (my day job), I wish I could have more time for my passions. I live for the weekend when I can sew all day  long without getting up from my chair.

Travelling and taking photos are the other things that I absolutely love! Maybe there is no need of another travel and picture blog but here this comes. I would like to share with you the places I've seen, the way I've seen them and the small details that caught my eye. I hope you will find something to like.

If you have a question, comment or just want to say hi, come find me on Facebook and drop me a line there. I'll come back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

update: Summer, 2014.
This year was big for me - I got married in the spring. I was very determined to sew my own wedding dress, actually two of them. I enjoyed the process a lot and this brought me back to sewing clothes for myself after years of sewing other stuff only. 

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