Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas countdown - Day 1. Advent calendar from positive affirmations and cookies

Today is the official start of our Christmas Countdown. To honer the new month, Dessi suggests a simple, yet very nice, idea about a sweet version of an advent calendar.

Why not start the day with a positive thought and a cookie? It's a very easy to make idea.

Make 24 cookies (more if you like to try them hot form the oven such as I do). Then print 24 positive affirmations from your favourite site or just create them. Wrap a cookie and affirmation together and tie nicely in scrap paper. Find a brunch long enough to accommodate them all. Start each day with a smile, cookie form the brunch, and positive affirmation. During the day, think of the affirmation often, repeat it to yourself, feel it. That's how Christmas should feel too.

Find the original post (in Bulgarian only but the picture are well explaining the process) here.

Come visit tomorrow for another DIY idea.

If you want some cookie recipes go to Sunday Bake Club.

Merry Christmas!

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