Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas countdown - Premiere. Advent calendar from scraps

Happy Friday! Here is the first blog-post form our Christmas countdown – Your handmade Christmas in 24 steps. Dessi from Sunday Bake Club and I, the person behind Lissana, will be sharing our Christmas preparation this year.

So the year’s end is near and we are getting impatient for some Christmas! What’s a better way to count the days that pass than with an advent calendar? I love the idea of having 25 little surprised that I can open daily and enjoy with my family. So, here is my suggestion and tutorial for making your own advent calendar.

I wanted to make myself an advent calendar for few years now but I never managed to do so. Thus, this year I started early.

You can use whatever suits you – fabric, paper, small packages, and even small notes gathered in a box, anything will do. No wonder I stuck to the fabric though. I went through my stash at home and decided that I want a Christmas in dark read, dark blue, purple and orange, with few neutral colors to brighten it up. There’s no need for another Christmas in silver, gold, and green, right?

Let’s begin!

First, you need to decide on the shape and how big you want your calendar. I preferred something compact thus, I went for a 24 x 24 in (60 x 60 cm) final size. But as always I saved my back with letting it have some extra inches.

  1. Start with a cotton piece at about 28 x 31 in big. Add an extra layer of batting or some thicker fabric so the calendar can hold its shape once filled with goodies.
  2. Then cut 25 rectangulars or squares in random sizes form the same (or other) cotton fabric. These are the pockets. Bear in mind that the pockets need an extra ½ inch from all sides which will be folded to the back. If this chaotic cutting is not your style, just choose a size and cut 25 equal pieces.  
  3. Fold ½ inch at one side of all pieces. Machine stitch. This is the upper side of your pocket.
  4. Repeat with iron for the rest three sides of each piece. You can omit this step if you go for a more rustic look.
  5. Add a simple decoration to each pocket. I sewed small pieces from some fabric remnants I had at home. I wanted it in just a few colors
  6. Machine stich the decoration to the pockets.
  7. Spread your cotton piece on the table and arrange the pockets at your likes. Pin them down. Don’t forget that you have a batting to your cotton fabric and pin the pockets to both layers.  I left more empty space at the top of the fabric to make a channel for a stick but you can make it as you like.
  8.  Carefully machine stitch all the pockets to the back. Run a few stitches back and forth at each beginning and end.
  9. Once the pockets are done, iron the whole thing and check the corners. Square them if needed.
  10. Decide on how to number your pockets. If you need them numbered. I used wooden stupms and fabric paint. I also wanted them to look a bit faded.  
  11. Now it’s time to think of how you’d like to hang your calendar. I went for a bamboo stick and therefore made a channel on the upper side.
  12. Take a fresh look at you’re your work. You are close to the final measurements so decide if you need to trip some extra fabric at this point.
  13. Once you have your front piece done, cut the same piece for the back. Put both pieces face to face and machine stitch the upper end. If you need a channel at the top for a stick. Leave an inch at both upper parts of the left and right side. Machine stitch the rest three sides but don’t forget to leave a small opening to turn the piece inside out.
  14. With a stick push the corners out and iron the piece carefully.
  15. Measure one inch down from the top and mark it. This is your channel. Machine stitch over the line. Then continue along the rest of the sides. Use the end of your machine foot as a guide line or other marker at your machine.
  16. Put the stick into the channel and tie the ends with a wool or cotton thread. Now it’s time to fill in the pockets!

It wasn’t hard, right?

Here are some ideas of what to put in the pockets.

My choice was to fill in with some Christmas tree decorations. Soon I’ll share more about them.

Please commend below how the tutorial works for you!

Merry Christmas! 

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