Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas countdown - your handmade Christmas in 24 steps.

Hi there! 

I guess that you’ve already noticed that I seriously like all things crafty. Thus, my Christmas is becoming more and more DIY with every year passing by. This year Dessi from Sunday Bake Club and I decided to join our efforts and share with you at least 24 handmade Christmas ideas. We want to help you make your December the craftiest and tastiest month of the year.

Our plan is simple. Every day, starting with December, 1st, we’ll introduce you an idea of either a decoration/craft piece for you or your home or with a recipe for something to cook and enjoy without guilt (or gift as a present).

 We, same as you, work full time and we don’t have much time for our hobbies. Sad but true! However, finding time depends on you and only you. So it’s really a matter of priority.  And around this time of the year, Christmas is the most important thing. But don’t leave just now, we’ll focus on easy to make things which everybody can fit into their schedule. All you need to do is to come back here often and follow along.

Are you ready?

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