Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An easy triangle shawl

This year, the winter came on one Saturday. It surprised us a lot but there’s no other choice. It’s better to get used on it. Especially when I've been preparing for it for a long time. I already have a few pullovers and cardigans and, since the last week, there’s a new shawl too.

I started the shawl on Friday evening with the intention to test the yarn only then I went to bed. the next morning I woke up and looked through the window to see 10 cm (4 inches) of wet snow on the ground and it’s going on. There was no electricity too. Wonderful! When I opened the door to let the dog out, he showed only his nose outside and refused to proceed further. It was 10 am when we decided that we can’t go out at all and set the fire in the chimney. The only one thing that was missing was my morning coffee. Around noon my husband remembered we had a camping stove somewhere in the house and the coffee problem was set. It was snowing nonstop, the electricity was nowhere to be seen, and the fire was on the max. It’s good that I am always prepared for situations with and without electricity and I pulled out my knitting. Around 1 pm the electricity was a fact and I could cooked something for lunch and go back to my shawl.

That’s how I spent the first day of snow here – the whole day on the sofa with a knitting project. It was a wonderful day! I felt it as a gift to us – we could not move out although we wanted to. In result, we rested, both mentally and physically, like never before. I hope it happens again soon.
And when was the last time when you felt like that?

Now, more about the shawl. I've been reluctant for a long time to knit a triangle shawl. However, the simplicity of this pattern really spoke to me and I just had to try it. The shawl is knitted from the middle of the longest side. Then, to achieve the triangle form a single stitch is added to both ends and at each side of the middle stitch. The pattern is the simplest one possible – you knit at both right and wrong side.  Go on in this manner until you reach the desired length then switch to the ribbing. I couldn't decide on the colour so I used three different shades of blue. I think this added a lot to the beauty of the final piece.

The yarn used is a 50% wool and 50% acrylic mix, knitted with 6 mm needles (size 10 American).
Finally, I fixed (blocked) it with steam as usual. The size enlarged significantly so have this in mind if you make the shawl too.


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