Thursday, September 4, 2014

THE Project - Part 6 - Invitations design

It is close to mind that you have to plan your wedding style and theme pretty early in the planning process. However, in our case we had so many other urgent things to do that this was left in the back of my mind. I knew we'd be somewhere in the nature and that is all about it. Thus, I didn't have a clue what our invitations would look like. I made sure I had contacted everybody on the phone, though, and told them "Listen, we are getting married. Not sure where or how but we are working on this. News to come soon." At this stage I was with no idea what to do.

Then one day I realised that I have absolutely no time left and I should do something if I want to have any invitations at all. I did some search on the web and finally found the inspiration I was lacking.
While I was working on the outer part, a friend of mine was designing the inside. I had several ideas of what I'd like to have. They included a drawing of the area where the church ceremony and the venue would be.

Later, I used the left cartoon to print out the guests names and labels for the sweet bar.

 When the guest opens the invitation this is what she first sees. A card designed by my friend.

On the back of the card was the text. Sorry, it is in Bulgarian here only. 

Then, on another sheet of paper there was a map how to get to the church and the venue.

And finally, there was a small RSVP card for guest to formally confirm or decline there presence. Unfortunately I lost the file somewhere and can't show it to you now.

Looking back at the whole process and the final result I must admit I LOVED them! If I had to do it again, I'd go for the same thing.

Special thanks to Lina for her help!

If you want to see how I actually made the outer part check my next post.

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