Friday, September 5, 2014

THE Project - Part 6 - How to sew your own invitations - details

Have you ever wanted to do your own wedding invitations and was not sure how to do that? If yes, this blog post might be able to help you.

In my previous post I showed you the whole idea about our wedding invitations. Here, I’d put some more details about how I made them.

I started with the idea that I wanted to make our invitations. I was not sure about the style but I knew I wanted some sewing involved. This would represent my own style like nothing else. Especially when I was sewing my own dress, two dresses actually two dresses actually.

After some online search for inspiration I got an idea. The project would reflect all I wanted to have in the invitations - rustic and natural look with using quality and natural materials. It looked easy at first. Then I understood it's not that easy therefore I made it in batches of 10-15 at a time. 
  • First I just cut several circles form the different layers of the fabric I used in my dress - cotton, linen, tulle.
  • Then I arranged the circles in some plain flowers. I just added 7-10 layers of the different fabrics and sewed them together.
  • I cut several types of cartoon paper in several sizes before choosing the one that would serve me best.  I used four different types of paper because I could not stick to just one.
  • Once the card size was set, I cut ribbons and tulle rectangles in the length I needed for the cards.
  • Then I drew a horizontal line in the middle across the whole card to mark the ribbon position. Next, I placed a ribbon onto a tulle rectangle and sewed them together onto the card. 
  • On top of that I attached the flowers with a thread by hand in the center of the front cover.
  • The last part was sewing on some glass beads.
  • Thus each and every invitation was a bit different and got its personal touch. 

As a next step I added the inside and tied the ribbon nicely. 

It looks easy and is easy indeed. However it was quite a tedious process which needed a good amount of light. And because I had only the evenings and the weekends for all my craft works, it took me several weeks to finish all of the invitations.

Were they perfect? No! Were they all the same? Certainly not! Did I love them? Absolutely! And the most important part was that our guests were very impressed. Also, the invitations went so well with the rest of the whole thing.

Do you have questions? Post them in the comments below. 

Happy sewing!

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