Monday, February 2, 2015

Traveling light to Barcelona...

Not long ago, I came across an interesting topic – how to pack up light and still travel in style. This issue is huge on my list. I always have more clothes than I need and, often, once I get to my destination, I seriously dislike the combinations I’d got. So, this time, I decided to dig deeper and find a good solution for my next short vacation.  I was going to Barcelona, Spain, and I needed something suitable for spring. I spent almost a month in searching for Pinterest ideas and I was slowly building my wardrobe. My point was not simply to buy new clothes but to sew something fancy and chic. Also, I hit to my closet to see what I can find there.

So, there we are!

On the sewing side it ended with a dress, cardigan, three skirts – maxi, tulle and layered, two blouses – a lace and jersey one, two three leather bags – a folded one, a maxi one and a clutch. I had so many other ideas on my mind – a spring dress (at least one), a spring coat, another two cardigans, etc. but they never happened.

Digging deep in the closet, I took out two leather jackets – long and short, a few cotton long-sleeve tops, several scarves and some jewelry.

It sounds simple now, but it took me weeks to get everything together. As usual, I started packing the night before the trip. I put everything in front of me and tried on the various combinations.

First, I chose the bottoms – the tulle skirt was to die for, but I had no upper clothing for it for this season. So, out it went.

The layered skirt (in teal) and the maxi skirt (in teal, yellow and dark brown print) stayed. I also added a pair of skinny jeans (in dark blue) to the pile.

Second, I made sure all of my tops went well with the bottoms. That’s how I discarded the lace (sad) top and another green one. I ended with 4 tops – 3 in solid colours and one striped. I have no neutrals in my clothingJ. All of them went well with the bottoms.

Third, I limited to two scarfs only – a dark blue wool lace and mixed green and teal cashmere one.
Forth, I added two bracelets, a watch, a pair of earrings and a substantial necklace, plus a pair of sunglasses. The necklace I made for 30 minutes from a pre-bought chain.  

Fifth, I finally opted for the short leather jacket but took the cardigan I’d sewn and a fitted wool sweater. Just in case… All of this goes with the other clothes.

Sixth, I chose a pair of boots and a comfortable pair of brown leather Sketchers.

And finally, I had to choose between my three new bags. Three for a 4-day trip is too much even for meJ. However I didn’t go too tight – I took the folded yellow-greenish one and the big fucsia one. They were my pride and joy.

At the end it turned out that my bag of clothes is smaller than my bag of books and other stuff!
For the first time in my life I have a perfectly set suitcase! Now we’ll see how I’ll enjoy it! But I have a plan B – there is an H&M store just below my hotel window…

Back from the trip!

My wardrobe was just perfect! I had a blouse I never actually wore but that’s better. It’s good I got my long cardigan and the fitted sweater because it was cold! Colder that I actually thought it’d be. 

 And I came back with a new coat... It was the promotions season in Barcelona...

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