Friday, March 14, 2014

THE Project - Part 2 - Finding a place

I am a person who likes to know the "before and after" of the things. Thus in my previous post I wrote about how my wedding journey began. It all started with the wedding books. Once I saw the whole picture and how it should be done, I was ready to continue with my own things.

The wedding is approaching fast. It is planned for May, 6th, but we still have no place for it. In Bulgaria, you need to have a formal event and if you wish, a church wedding. Most of the people who decide to have both, do them at one day. If you are in a small town, it is done in no time. If you are in a big city, Sofia in our case, you ran from the wedding hall to the church to the restaurant afterwards.  The mood usually gets up at the first place and then in the church you want it just to finish. No wonder that once you get to the restaurant you just want to sit and eat something. When I tried to imagine ourselves as the main part of this marathon (as a bride and groom) I felt the hair at the back of my head raised up and I saw my fiance's face being as white as a sheet of paper. The very first decision we took was that we will not become a part of this. We disagreed on many things afterwards, but for this thing we both were very certain. We set the formal part for one day with our families only and the church part for another day. This we call our wedding date. The date we chose is e big religious holiday here. A great day for a new beginning.

On the other hand, the beginning of May can be very rainy or even cold in Sofia. So for sure we need a shelter or a closed space. Thus gave us three options. An open space, a restaurant or a rented hall. After weeks of checking restaurants and halls I came back to my first idea - we need an open green space - a beautiful lawn, somebody's yard or even a horse ranch. Too bad we still haven't find the exact place yet. I have checked some places - they were either too big and overwhelming or too small, too noisy, too hilly, too far, etc, etc.
One of our options included this remote meadow. In reality it is beautiful open space with a wonderful mountain view. But on the other hand it is remote and not so easy to reach. maybe if we serve juices and sweets only it will be an option. It is near a horse ranch, thus you see the horses around.

Still I stay optimistic and have another meeting next week. Let's see...

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